Formosan Farms in London Event

November 21, 2018
Formosan Farms, a boutique tea brand collecting high quality handmade teas from independent farms in Formosa, is well-received by the British cultural community. The contemporary Taiwanese aestheti...
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Truck driver back home for family tea farm

September 10, 2017
Red Rhyme, or Taiwan 21, was an amazing variety developed by the Yuchi Branch of Tea Research and Extension Centre in Taiwan. Yuchi is the township where the famous Sun Moon Lake is. This tea tree ...
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Formosan Aroma

October 09, 2016
Crystal red is like a ruby by a waterfront of Sun Moon Lake, nested in mountains. An intensive care at our small farms with over-generational traditions of hand-picked and hand-processed quality te...
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AliShan Tea Farm Dancing with Music

April 01, 2016
Located over 1,500-meter altitude, Alishan high mountain oolong has been globally recognised as the most sought after tea from Taiwan. Grown up in a hundred-year-old traditional house located in th...
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