London Tea-tasting Ceremony

London Tea-tasting Ceremony

Connecting Soul and Soil, a Formosan Farms documentary* started the 1st of our tea-tasting ceremony at National Liberal Club in London on the 8th February, 2019. In celebrating Golden Pig of Chinese New Year, more than 70 invited guests were gathering together to learn with Dr. Han about her Formosan Farms social initiatives of collaborating with boutique tea farms in Taiwan.



It was our honour by inviting Ambassador Lin to address the contribution to a tea-loving country like the UK could be further deployed by the value of Taiwan tea culture. Upon the his generous support, our co-host partner, Taipei Representative Office in the UK, and our high quality sustainable farmed teas on that alerted windy day did not disappoint the guests at all. The celebrities were amazed by the distinguished tastes of teas and their wonderful family farm stories. The tea master, Ms. Liu, the farmlady from our Red Jade farm, brewed the teas one by one. The delightful aroma and natural colours impressed everyone by  the precious ancient value of hand-produced teas in the modern market.  


We thank you, the farms and farmers who produced the 'rare' teas, and

we thank you, the guests who joined us for a passion of Formosan teas!

Thank everyone who made this party successful!

* Directed & edited by Mr. Yi-Chin Lo, Photographed by Mr. Dao-jun Wang (young & passionated Taiwanese filming professionals)

**Above blog photos are appreciated, which were provided by attended guests and Taipei Representative Office in the UK and more news reports


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