Formosan Farms in London Event

Formosan Farms in London Event

Formosan Farms, a boutique tea brand collecting high quality handmade teas from independent farms in Formosa, is well-received by the British cultural community.

The contemporary Taiwanese aesthetic design of tea collections, Formosan Farms, by Vetica Group's Swiss-Taiwan international design team, stands for a value of natural gift from Mother Earth. 

Formosan Farms was invited at a gala of 2018 London East Asian Film Festival. The most popular Formosan Farms Sun Moon Lake Red Jade (ruby, also known as Taiwan 18) cold-brew tea became a welcome drink to replace the champagne reception. The beauty the story of small farm and the tasty quality already attracted new attention in the cultural and catering communities in this London event.

In the future, we will connect more local resources in the UK to promote Formosan Farms boutique collections and various small-farmer healthy teas from Formosa. The Formosan tea culture opened up opportunities for dialogues between oriental and western societies, and in a cultural lifestyle.





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