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Single Origin. Family Tradition. Handmade Tea

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Formosan’s core values, namely: “common good,” “sharing sustainability,” “heritage in classic,” and “persistence in aesthetics.” These values are aimed at urban elites who care about social issues and sustainability.

Formosan Farms
Tea - Sustainable ethical teas

Heritage In Classic

Formosan is a young Taiwanese tea brand. Formosan's founder, Yvonne Han, used her sound academic know-how in agricultural innovation to support independent tea farmers. She therefore focuses on single-origin and fair-trade tea.Formosan Single-Origin Luxury Teas are the best quality single origin teas from family farms in Taiwan. The sustainable and ethical teas from each of our farmer and farm preserve the Formosan heritage of handpicked whole-leaf teas as its tradition. The sustainable farming method keeps away all pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals. Small-batch luxury teas that deliver the originality, seasonality, specialty of distinguished luxury tastes directly from farms & farmers.

We delivers an 100% pure commitment, to the tea lovers everywhere around the world, and share how the beautiful Formosa Island can cultivate the trouching handmade tea from single origin small farms. And we taste the orginal tea raised up by our Mother Earth.

Companion - Connecting soul & soil

Common Good

Formosan farms is a collective brand.
Actually we collaborate and collent.
We want to share their great products to the whole world.
Because nowadays, it's really hard to find those single origin tea or single origin food of agricultural ground. And the people in the city,
they don't know those are produced, who actually produced them.

So Formosan Farms try to call people around the world, to raise up
their soul, to buy a good food, or a good tea. Because in the time when they consume those products, they need to appreciate, and thank you, thank to farms and farmers, thank them to presserve this great value for them, which is hardly to find in the modern society. Whe a lot of mass production systems, that try to cost down, we still have those value of traditions.

So we thank them and we call people to join us!

Place - Formosan Independent Tea Farms

Sharing Sustainability

Formosan Independent Tea Farms
15 best teas represent all the major regions.

Formosan Farms Tea collects 15 representative Taiwan teas at the premier quality standard.
The single origin family farms keep their traditions in tea plantations and tea processing methods, with an average of five decades of family expetise.
Single origin one tea per farm standard helps give the authentic taste, compared with other blended tea.

These Formosan farms are selected because they represent the original spirit of tea cultivation along with the specific landscape, soil condition, sunshine and rain, and more importantly, the untold handcrafting secret throughout the time.

Formosan handpicked teas deliver seasonality, speciality, originality, and spirit.

Arts - Tea Farmer as the Master

Persistence In Aesthetics

All Formosan farms have their own tea master expertise, who have the ability to carefully select the highest quality.

The master carefully selects up to 1,300 fresh tea leaves per hour to ensure the 1-bud-2-leaf on the top of the tree as the highest standard. It takes at least 10 years to achieve this rare skill.

Those handmade, handpicked, handprocessed and people using their hands to make those teas or those food to you.

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