Farm to Teacup Courses

Farm to Teacup Courses

Farm to table to teacup!

Social innovation and business as the foundation, Dr. Han and her team experts of Formosan Farms share how academic research bridges a real practice of social entrepreneurship, Formosan Farms, dedicated to single origin small tea farms by connecting international conscious audience. 

The courses deliver stories about eco-friendly small farms at Formosa Taiwan. The single origin and family tradition of teas introduce a general knowledge for beginners, intermediate learners, advanced on-farm courses, and 3-day harvest-to-teacup experience training course.  For our overseas distributors, it is always our upmost invitation to host you for a solid tea knowledge. The goal of a general course delivers the comprehensive knowledge to understand how the tea is farmed and cared, how to distinguish the tea quality, and how to taste healthy tea.

Tea-tasting is a culture, a capability, and a modern lifestyle. Formosan Farms shares the delights of independent small family farms at the highest standard. Formosan Farms "farm to table to teacup" courses have been popular and well delivered in Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and London. We hope to introduce this course to more international tea communities in order to engage interesting dialogues with the British, European, and other Asian tea cultures.

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