The Secrets of Oriental Beauty

The Secrets of Oriental Beauty

Mr. Shu is the affiliated farmer of Formosan Farms. As the 5th generation of his family farm in Taiwan (Toufen, Miaoli), he has been devoted to organic farming method for decades.

Here is the beauty of his farm, where birds and pests are singing all the time, with flying eagles patrolling in the high sky every day. He is explaining how Oriental Beauty must rely entirely of the eco-system awaiting “Jacobiasca formosana”, or also nick-named as "small green-leaf bug" (小綠葉蟬) to eat the tea-tree leaves. So it was also known as "Formosa Oolong". The more the bites by Jacobiasca formosana, the richer the honey flower tea aroma, the higher the grade of Oriental Beauty, and, of course, the more expensive. That's why there are huge gaps from top grade to lower grades.

The top grade Oriental Beauty must appear a lot of "silver" tea leaves, so it is also famous as Silver Oolong. However, as the owner of an organic certified tea farm, Mr. Shu reminded that Jacobiasca formosana could even be kept well as other pests are killed by using specific pesticides. Thus, organic Oriental Beauty is even rare with high quality.

It was told that Oriental Beauty was named after the gratitude by Queen Victoria hundreds years ago. The amazing tea leaves dancing in the cup with such a natural fruity aroma, smoothly washing through the mouth, nose, and mind, then became the most sought after rare tea by global fans.

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