Connecting Soul & Soil: Formosan Farms Brand Story

Connecting Soul & Soil: Formosan Farms Brand Story

Formosan Farms Documentary: Connecting Soul & Soil  [HD1080]

Formosan Farms is a collective brand.

Actually we collaborate and collect.

We want to share their great products to the whole world.

Because nowadays, it’s really hard to find those single origin tea or single origin food of agricultural ground.

The people in the city, they don’t know how those are produced, who actually produced.

So Formosan Farms tries to call people around the world, to raise up their soul, to buy a good food, or a good tea.

Because in the time when they consume those products, they need to appreciate, and thank you, thank to the farms and farmers, thank them to preserve this great value for them, which is hardly to find in the modern society.

When a lot of mass production systems that try to cost down, we still have those value of traditions.

Those handmade, handpicked, handprocessed, and people using their hands to make those teas, or those food to you.

So we thank them, and we call people to join us!

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