Infinite Time with Wild Oolong

May 31, 2022
Artisanal Wild Grown Tea observes the most energy from the universe (Yang) and the land (Yin), and presents the well-balance Qi to the taste and body. Our Baozhong Oolong farmlady Ms. Wu started a...
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Traditional teas for Chinese New Year

January 17, 2021
It's almost the time to say goodbye to Year of Rat. Every 60 years of Rat (庚子年) has been recorded many bad news in the past several hundred years, such as earthquakes, wars, diseases,...., and Covi...
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A Healthiest Christmas

December 23, 2020
Many British and European people are locked down during this Christmas. However, this is the time to remind us many things which we’ve forgotten for many years. Among our top interests, is the heal...
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Red to Warmup your Body in Winter

October 31, 2020
It is believed that full-fermented black tea can warm up to balance in the cold season. According to the Chinese tradition, the more fermented the tea, the warmer the body, particularly through you...
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Health Benefits of Cold Brew

July 01, 2020
Not just in the summer, but also in other seasons, cold brew tea is the best choice. It’s cool, tasty, and more importantly, healthier. Many nutrients get destroyed at temperatures over 40℃(1). Stu...
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2020 UK Business Updates

June 30, 2020
During the challenging time of COVID-19 outbreak, we hope everyone of you stay safe! The original scheduled April 2020 Natural & Organic Products exhibition is postponed to next April 2021. The...
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