Formosan rare teas in London

Formosan rare teas in London

Formosan Farms is delighted to announce our sales partner in London: The Tea Makers of London.

The Tea Makers of London offers a wide range of finest quality loose leaf teas for the British and European tea connoisseur, enthusiast, and whoever just fancy exploring the world of loose leaf teas.

The Tea Makers of London is now collaborating with Formosan Farms in Taiwan of single origin teas. These teas are not only free of pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, and additives, but also extraordinary in appearance of whole leaves, natural aroma, rich flavour, and pure colour. The rare teas are especially sought after in their seasonal distinctiveness directly from each family-estate farm's soil as a truly connection to your soul.

The first series of the four Formosan Farms selections are now available from their websites and sales channels. Two Formosan luxury oolong teas are included. Firstly, Oriental Beauty, named by Queen Victoria, must rely entirely of the eco-system awaiting “Jacobiasca formosana” (小綠葉蟬) to eat the tea-tree leaves, known as "Formosa Oolong". The more the bites by Jacobiasca formosana, the richer the honey flower aroma, the higher the grade of Oriental Beauty. Secondly, Alishan High Mountain Oolong trees are listening to the classic music every day and dancing at your teacup. 

Two fully fermented Formosan luxury black teas are also included for British afternoon teas as entirely new experiences. However, they are highly recommended not to mix with milk or sugar before your taste. Your original taste will be inspired since then. Taiwan Native Mountain Tea, with the most original and natural power of 180 years mountain trees from Sun, Moon, Lake, and from Taiwan to the UK fans. And of course, you cannot miss the most famous "Taiwan Aroma", Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Ruby tea. Some of you might already encounter our Red Jade farmlady, Ms. Liu, at our London tea-tasting ceremony in Feb., 2019. Here you can always meet her teas via your teacup.

Good news for rare tea fans in UK and Europe!!!

Place order online via The Tea Makers of London:

The precious supreme grade Formosan Farms Oriental Beauty

 The 1500-meter high mountain Formosan Farms Alishan Oolong

 The precious time of Royal family secret Formosan Farms Native Mountain Tea

 The famous London party favourite Formosan Farms Sun Moon Lake Red Jade (Ruby)


The honest, responsible, sustainable masters of each family-estate tea farm located in Taiwan are always here to preserve your luxury choices!

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