Red Jade: Sun Moon Lake, Tokyo, London

Red Jade: Sun Moon Lake, Tokyo, London

"Can I buy a can of Formosan Farms Sun Moon Lake Red Jade whole leaves?

Because I would like to buy this unforgettable leaf tea to a special one who is just like my mother taking care of me.

....I almost save the right amount of money to buy one, but not yet."


This was a message from one of our young fans received three days before Mother's Day last year.  

For two consecutive years (2018 & 2019) selected by Tokyo mybest's poll, as Top 1 recommended bagged black tea among worldwide brands,  Formosan Farms Red Jade (Ruby) tea has been evaluated as an outperforming black tea by its famous "Taiwan Aroma" from Sun Moon Lake, compared with all other teas from Sun Moon Lake, and, all other  luxury black labels of big names.  


Formosan Farms Red Jade tea farm is located in Yuchi Township of Sun Moon Lake region. Ms. Liu, who is the farmer of the family farm, was one of the very first small farmers who joined our social entrepreneurial initiatives three years ago. Her tea then became our first product to the market in 2016.


Ms. Liu is dedicated, professional, honest, and sincere. She has been teaching Formosan Farms team many behind-the-scene details. From farm to teacup, from Sun Moon Lake to London, she is the one to support and grow with our business, and presents the rare value of Taiwan tea culture to the global audience. Not only by Tokyo's recommendation, Formosan Farms Sun Moon Lake Red Jade cold brew bottle was further selected as the Gala reception drink in 2018 London East Asia Film Festival, and now as the reception gift in 2019 Taiwan Film Festival UK.


Never did she fly out of the Greater China region, it was her first long-haul trip to London on her own flights to London and met Formosan Farms team for our first successful London Tea-tasting Ceremony during 2019 Chinese New Year holidays. She performed as one of the tea masters, brewing and sharing teas, during that event. Many invited celebrities were so impressive and gave great appreciation to her, and were keen to have photos with her, which, indeed, meant a lot to her!


For most of tea-drinking people, particularly in the western countries, who drink a lot of teas throughout an entire life but never can they get a teacup brewed by a tea farmer. For so many tea brands, consumers who choose the most beautiful and fancy tea products at high street shops, but never do they have any chance to know where the teas are produced, who those hard-working farmers are, not even to say thank you to them in person.


From Sun Moon Lake to Tokyo and to London, from farm to gala and to international tea event, Ms. Liu is represented as our proud of Taiwan tea farmers, who produce great value of Formosa teas and traditional tea culture in the Taiwanese agricultural communities.


If more and more conscious consumers are willing to join our initiatives, we would see a promising trend of a feasible transformation to appreciate the beauty of smallness in the near future. 

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