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Single Origin. Family Tradition. Handpicked Tea

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Our Brand Story

Tea, Companion, Place and Arts form the essence of Formosan Farms. We try to call people around the world, to raise up their soul, to buy a great tea and shape the world's tea culture.
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Tea - Sustainable and Ethical

Formosan Farms delivers a 100% pure commitment, to the tea lovers everywhere around the world, and shares how the beautiful Formosa Island can cultivate the touching handpicked tea from single origin small farms. We taste the original tea raised up by our Mother Earth.

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Companion - Connecting Soul & Soil

Formosan Farms is a collective brand that brings together the power of everyone. It is our dream to share these hard-earned agricultural products with the world. All our products are handmade, handpicked and hand-processed just for you.

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Place - Formosan Independent Tea Farms

15 greatest teas represent all the major regions. These Formosan farms are selected because they represent the original spirit of tea cultivation along with the specific landscape, soil condition, sunshine and rain, and more importantly, the untold handcrafting secret throughout time.

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Arts - Tea Farmer as the Master

All Formosan farms have their own tea master expertise to carefully select the highest quality tea leaves. The master carefully selects up to 1,300 fresh tea leaves per hour to ensure the 1-bud-2-leaf from the top of the tree as the highest standard. It takes at least 10 years to achieve this rare skill.

"Customer Satisfaction is the result of our full rigor of quality, sustainability, and responsibility"

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Certified Formosan Tea Courses

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Healthy Lifestyle Partners

Formosan Farms connects soil & soul, connects country & city, and connects specialists & customers, towards a healthy lifestyle via food, drink, body, and Qi energy.