We source all single origin products directly from independent farms in Taiwan. For international tea brands, healthy/ organic shops, restaurants/ cafes, retreats/ clinics, please contact us for your specific interests.

During and after Covid-19 pandemic, the best selling for our business clients including:

1. Rare teas: Red Jade (anti-ageing), Dah Yeh green tea (high antioxidant), Taiwan Native Mountain Tea (anti-radiation), GABA red (relaxation), Alishan High Mountain Oolong (enhance Qi), and etc.

2. Naturopathic herbs: Ashibita, Jiaogulan, mulberry leaves, black-bean tea, gingko, Houttuynia cordata, 18 herbs (Taiwan Herb Tea), coffee-leaf tea, brown rice tea, Okra tea, and fairy grass tea.

3. Traditional farmhouse products: Ashitaba balm, fermented pineapple, pineapple enzyme, litchi enzyme, aged dragonfruit vinegar, aged pineapple vinegar, aged Osmanthus flower vinegar, purple rice, black garlic bulb, black garlic extract, and red quinoa.


As a social enterprise in Taiwan and with our local importer in England, we are supporting not just independent tea farms but also many agricultural communities in Taiwan. As our promise, we only connect sustainable, responsible, and ethical farms with our business clients for the best quality unique products.

Business wholesale enquiry: info@agraboutique.com