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Infinite Time with Wild Oolong

Infinite Time with Wild Oolong

Artisanal Wild Grown Tea observes the most energy from the universe (Yang) and the land (Yin), and presents the well-balance Qi to the taste and body.

Our Baozhong Oolong farmlady Ms. Wu started all-wild method to let her family tea garden grow as the forest surrounded in the deep mountain of the Northern Taiwan.

The end of the road is their stone-built old house, and follows by the crystal clean creek and forest towards their family tea garden. Guests can get lost easily in the deep mountain, but they will find a way if following the water down. The whole forest become their family (including dogs) infinite yin-yang space in a well-balanced sky and soil. The afternoon tea time becomes the spiritual time of inner beings in connection with all these natural blessings.

As wild oolong, the farmlady reminds us to keep a balance of our health, as her handpicked leaves support the balance of PH and blood pressure, in the middle of an universe-land space, as her calligraphy 『山中無歲月、隨處皆自在』(infinite time in the mountain creates the ultimate freedom).

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