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Back to Natural Organic Products Europe Show 2022

Formosan Farms delivered a great show in the first big event after Covid19 pandemic at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2022. The unique value of wild tea, rare tea, cold brew tea, herbal tea, farmhouse products, and kombucha was certainly a spotlight for naturopathy in the post-pandemic business trend.

Everything from single origin independent farms in Taiwan speaks the same language as the natural health seekers. We sell B2C online and B2B in bulk or in packaged products. Herbal teas and farmhouse products are among the top sales in many of current B2B wholesalers during the past two years. We hope to support more business buyers from independent shops, boutique cafes, retreats, alternative clinics, and community groups in the UK and Europe.

During and after Covid-19 pandemic, the spotlight for our business clients including:

1. Rare teas: Red Jade (anti-ageing), Dah Yeh green tea (high antioxidant), Taiwan Native Mountain Tea (anti-radiation), GABA red (relaxation), Alishan High Mountain Oolong (enhance Qi), and etc.

2. Naturopathic herbs: Ashibita, Jiaogulan, mulberry leaves, black-bean tea, gingko, Houttuynia cordata, 18 herbs (Taiwan Herb Tea), coffee-leaf tea, brown rice tea, Okra tea, and fairy grass tea.

3. Traditional farmhouse products: Ashitaba balm, fermented pineapple, pineapple enzyme, litchi enzyme, aged dragonfruit vinegar, aged pineapple vinegar, aged Osmanthus flower vinegar, purple rice, black garlic bulb, black garlic extract, and red quinoa. 

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See you next year at ExCeL London!

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