Tradition Embedded in 180-year Tea Trees

Man with straw-hat pick tea leaves by hand

Five generations of family tradition have kept the single origin tea farm in its original purity: Formosan Farms Taiwan Native Mountain Tea, located by the Sun Moon Lake.

Almost two hundred years of sunrise and sunsets by the lake, both humidity and fog have supported the tea trees here. The pure nature of this clean environment nurtures the power of life, surviving the early family ancestors who delivered the native trees from a nearby high cliff.

It was also a "Royal Tea Farm". This farm had been guarded by the Japanese ruling government for nearly a hundred years subsequently. All Native Mountain tea was sent to the royal Japanese family for its health-giving properties. In particular, the most prominent health benefits according to the record submitted to the Royal family include:

  • Anti-radiation (especially protective of pollutions from the WWII bombs)
  • Immune boosting

In addition to that, during the recent COVID-19  this tea was also discovered to potentially help inhibit the virus by Lung et al. (2020) Journal of Medical Virology (DOI:10.1002/ jmv.25761)

As its highest quality during the Royal Tea Farm, farmers today still honour the family promise of their ancestors’ legacy, as the handwritten book ‘guided farming and tea-making’ details throughout so many decades:

No pesticides at all.

No chemicals at all.

No additives at all.

Respect all eco-friendly life.

Respect the climate.

The family's tea-farming and tea-making "bible" keeps all major records at the farm, and still passed on even now.  

Climate change is vivid, proved in this bible.

How to respect Mother Earth?

How to make a high quality tasty tea?

There are clues, along with tradition of experiences. 

The recent extreme weather interrupts our peaceful minds, up and down with terrible news of wildfires, heat waves, floods and storms.

Steeped in peaceful tradition just a sip of Taiwan Native Mountain tea, may calm your soul, transporting you back to the farm.


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