Taiwan Native Mountain Tea

Taiwan Native Mountain Tea

Tradition Embedded in 180-year Tea Trees

Five generations of the Cheng's family, have kept the traditional single origin tea farm in its beautiful  untouched  environment: Formosan Farms Taiwan Native Mountain Tea, is located by Sun Moon Lake.

Almost two hundred years of sunrises and sunsets by lake, with its fog and humidity create a huge shift in temperature ranges , the perfect environment for a powerful tea to thrive. This was the first mountain tea plant by the first generation of the Cheng's family in 1840. This first mountain tea plant was taken from a nearby cliff edge.

In the beginning, the farm was a Royal  tea farm closely guarded  by the Japanese ruling government for almost  a hundred years. Native Mountain tea where used by the  Japanese Royal family for the unique taste and health benefits.

The mountain tea was produced to the highest quality at the time of the Royal Tea Farm.
Farmers today still keep the promise from their ancestors' legacy. This production was guarded by the handwritten book "bible" with the farming and tea-producing details written throughout ten decades.

The family's tea-farming and tea-producing "bible" keeps all major records at the farm. This includes the production process without pesticides, chemicals, herbicide, additives, and respect the surrounding environment. This includes a comprehensive record of how to manufacture high quality tea, with a record of weather conditions, with guided traditional tea farming solutions to past challenges.

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