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Four-season-spring variety, known for its special aroma particularly for Taiwan oolong, is especially suitable for making Dongding-style oolong tea.

As the heritage of "Taiwan Oolong Tea", world famous for many Europeans, is a myth of deep and complicated hand-processing  method. It relies on a solid experience of roasting and twist up at different stages. The hand-touched feeling and control of timing has been recognized as the heritage of "Kung Fu" for making Taiwanese oolong tea frmo

Our farmer, Mr. Hsieh owns and manages his family tea farm at Nantou county, where is the most suitable environment for four-season-spring variety. Over a half-century, he helped transforming the family to farm and cultivate conformed to the ecology of nature, and insisted on organic agriculture. Nowadays, in order to let tea trees grow in a completely natural way. "Let it go" as his belief on a balance of the ecological environment exactly reflects "doing nothing" philosophy of the ancient Chinese Taoism.

With 20% fermentation, strong but warm roasting method, suitable for organic tea leaves to retain the unique aroma of the Four-season-spring tea tree find a place in between the typical low-altitude Dongding and high mountain oolong roasting methods. Four-season-spring, very low-altitude environment in central Taiwan, is a rare natural environment that is like spring all year round. The unique aroma of spring season tree species can best be cultivated with the wind and then bloom after tea.

Do you feel the freedom of doing nothing and the mood of the four seasons like the spring when you sip the Kung Fu Oolong?


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