2020 UK Business Updates

overhead shot of pure kombucha bottle on laid down next to glass containing its content

During the challenging time of COVID-19 outbreak, we hope everyone of you stay safe! The original scheduled April 2020 Natural & Organic Products exhibition is postponed to next April 2021. There is currently uncertainty everywhere within the industry. All of our current London outlets selling Formosan Farms luxury teas via Harrods BAO Kitchen,  Mango Tree and many other restaurants have been temporarily closed. At Formosan Farms, we understand that this is the time that you benefit from continuing to consume our single origin authentic teas, to help you stay healthy. During this time we have been working on our online projects, with more partners in the UK/ Europe, in order for you to still be able to enjoy our products.

One of the projects is an innovative drink called Kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented tea. We have been working with a company in the UK for over six months to produce a product using our single origin Taiwan Native Mountain Tea as a medium. The company we have been collaborating with is Pure Kombucha. When the Native Mountain Tea has been fermented for the second time to produce kombucha, the health benefits transform and increase. We will keep you informed of further developments.

The Wild Mountain Tea series of Pure Kombucha provides you another original Formosan Farms healthy lifestyle product, to improve your gut health and energy levels. This may help to minimise the risk of any infection in the body. As one of most updated academic papers published in Journal of Medical Virology (13rd March, 2020), the “theaflavin” founded in locally grown Taiwanese tea is an inhibitor for the coronavirus, particularly in fermented indigenous tea. Taiwan Native Mountain Tea is a 100% fermented tea, with a historical record as a “medicine” to serve the Japanese Royal Family from our five-generation family farm supply. We recommend you to try the new drink via the easy online order via Pure Kombucha or visit their London farmers' market stand to taste at Barns and Alexandra Palace.

Continued with the 2019 partnership with The Tea Makers of London, it is easy to order online with our guaranteed supply of our four luxury whole leaves:

1. Alishan High Mountain Oolong: endorsed by 2019 Kensington Palace charity event

2. Supreme Oriental Beauty: the favourite of Queen Victoria

3. Sun Moon Lake Red Jade (Ruby): our best-selling tea for hot brew & cold brew

4. Taiwan Native Mountain Tea: once as the “medicine” for the Japanese Royal Family

In addition, we are currently at the final stage of extending our existing Amazon USA & Japan sales to the UK. We will let you know as soon as available. Hope to meet you again soon in 2021 Natural & Organic Products exhibition!

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