Beauty of Hakka Aboriginal Tradition

Beauty of Hakka Aboriginal Tradition

Oriental beauty ~ heard this name, it immediately emerged like a beautiful image like Yang Guifei, an super beauty recognised in the ancient Chinese empire.

For example, from such a beautiful imagination, this unique tea fragrance, honey with a soft delusion, no tyrannical domineering, smelling fascinating, sipping enchanting, cups to taste!

The hilly land of the bamboo seedlings retains the green tea tree and the unspoiled natural environment. The Oriental Beauty Tea Family Tea Garden, which is certified by Mr. Xu, has a history of more than 100 years and has a heritage of Baiwu Oolong Tea. The white blood comes from the natural bloodlines of the big heart, although it is a part of the generalized oolong tea series, but it can be called the beauty tea, and there must be no shadow of the oolong tea!

Mr. Xu and his family have come to the East to have a complex and unique planting and tea making process. 70% heavy fermentation is like Hakka's traditional "tea" technology. It has a strong aroma and can get rid of the taste of oolong tea and transform it into another kind of tea. Flavor, of course, the well-known public secret is to rely on the face of small green leaves, they bite, more honey, the so-called "squatting" nature of this natural gift.

The traditional Hakkas are diligent and servant, and the blood culture is inlaid in this oriental beauty, like the beautiful image of a beautiful Hakka lady wearing a floral dress. Honey's ripe fruit aroma is embedded in the 赭红茶汤, as the harmony of the Hakka insect symphony, just like the sexy oriental beauty of your cup of tea.

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