Keep warm as a fortune wish

Keep warm as a fortune wish

It's getting cool as leaves fall.........

As an oriental tradition, do not drink and eat cold to weaken your body.

How to keep the tea warm?

Made by using dried rice straw and wrap with cottons inside.

Traditionally, it has been used for keeping the tea pot warm...for up to 8 hours!

It can last the life of tea and keep the body warm during the autumn busy season at farms.

We believe: keep warm in a cooling season can keep strong of health condition,and,

keep the body strong is a fortune!



Fortune Collector!

It looks like a Chinese "treasure bowl", so we name it Fortune Collector here in English.

It is a good luck wish and an art preserved by Ms. Liu, currently the ONLY ONE who is doing this art for a living at Formosa Island, Taiwan. She is living an aboriginal Hakka community, Miaoli, the famous Oriental Beauty tea region. So is the lovely Hakka flower prints of the cotton wears..


The story of Fortune Collector will continue here later.


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