Four Seasons Collections

Four Seasons Collections

Feeling cool?

It's the winter season in the north!

The ancient Chinese believed in good teas for a balance between human body and environment.

The modern Chinese healing is still based on the five - thousand - year practices to keep the body healthy via various kinds of  good teas.

Full fermentation teas, mostly recognised as black/ red tea series, could provide more energy to warm up the body. It is believed to be able to balance the weak body. More importantly, full-fermented teas are widely consumed during the cold winter season to keep warn from the outside environment.

Formosan Farms Winter Warm Red Collection

On the contrary, none fermentation teas, including green tea and white tea, are cold, good in the hot season or for overheated body conditions (e.g. sporting , young energetic people....). In addition, white teas, with the light but layers of aroma, they are particularly favoured by people in soul healing or in Zen-community. It's right the summer season for the south  American and Australian people to enjoy the bright sunshine and outdoor activities, with the summer cooling series of teas.

Formosan Farms Summer Cold Green Collection

During the transition, autumn and spring are certainly different modes  and, of course, for different body conditions!

During the autumn transition, from hot summer towards cold winter, the more cooling down of energy needs to be nurtured and preserved. The partial fermentation of oolong series are the most suitable for the choices, but there are many many kinds of oolong teas in the Chinese world. In Taiwan, various tastes of oolongs are appealing, such as the very famous light fermented/ non- roasted high mountain oolong (farms located over 1,000 meters above the sea level), light fermented/ light roasted oolong, light fermented/ complicated roasted kung-fu oolong, mid-fermented oriental beauty, and heavy-fermented red oolong,................

Formosan Farms Autumn Gold Harvest Collection

On the other hand, spring means awesome blooming from cold winter, when the body needs to be awaken by various colours as well as tastes. Various levels of fermented teas thus become awesome to welcome everything as a re-born joy.

Formosan Farms Spring Fresh Colour Collection

Formosan Farms team and farms are dedicated to 100% single origin sustainable teas, which are certainly among the healthiest choices by natural and authentic tastes for your body to balance off throughout the four seasons!

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