Farm to Gala: from Formosa to London

Farm to Gala: from Formosa to London

Formosan Farms, a boutique tea brand collecting high quality handmade teas from independent farms in Formosa Taiwan, is well-received by the British cultural community. The contemporary Taiwanese aesthetic design of tea collections, Formosan Farms, by Vetica Group's Swiss-Taiwan international design team, stands for a value of natural gift from Mother Earth. 









Formosan Farms was invited at the “Taiwan Night” gala of 2018 London East Asian Film Festival. The most popular Formosan Farms Sun Moon Lake Red Jade (ruby, also known as Taiwan 18) cold-brew tea became a welcome drink to replace the champagne reception. The beautiful story of small farm and the tasty quality already attracted new attention in the cultural and catering communities in this London event.

Crystal red is like a ruby by a waterfront of Sun Moon Lake, nested in mountains. An intensive care at our Sun Moon Lake small farm insists over-generational traditions of hand-picked and hand-processed quality tea. The beautiful lady farmer has been mastering her trees of Taiwan 18, Red Jade. She used to be a nurse living in a town of Kwei-Lin at Kwangshe Province in China. After she got married with her husband at the 5th-generation family tea farm by Sun Moon Lake, she started a new career as a tea farmer. Because of her prior nursing professionals, she transferred the intangible skill and effort onto these tea trees and harvest leafs. Very soon, Red Jade tea from her intensive care won a reputation, and even got the world No.1 recommendation by Mybest, a Tokyo lifestyle media, among all world black teas in 2018.

A full respect to Mother Earth distinguishes four seasons of this natural gift. Day after day, the moisture of cloud covers the Lake and its surroundings before the sunrise. While suddenly the sun awakes tea trees, shining through other tall guarding trees away from burning. Without any pesticide, herbicide, or chemical, the most precious and tasty aroma surprise global tea lovers. A natural fragrance of cinnamon with a slight hint of mint..... That's why impressed the British film community distinguished from their black tea traditions!





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