Truck driver back home for family tea farm

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Red Rhyme, or Taiwan 21, was an amazing variety developed by the Yuchi Branch of Tea Research and Extension Centre in Taiwan. Yuchi is the township where the famous Sun Moon Lake is. This tea tree and it's aroma is particularly outstanding in Sun Moon Lake region. It was named as Red Rhyme, the same pronunciation in Chinese as 'Great Luck' meaning.  

Our Sun Moon Lake Red Rhyme small farmer, Mr. Hung, used to be a truck driver. After decades of his truck-driving career, he felt tired and exhausted in driving long distance everyday while seldom got a chance to stop by his home located in the centre of Taiwan.

Suddenly he realized that the family tea farm called him more clearly than his driver's living. He then decided to return home. He knew nothing about tea-farming and -making until years of devoted energy to the family tea farm. 

Mr. Hung transferred his patience from truck-driving to tea farming. He spent long hours everyday on learning and caring tea's everything in details. 

Day after day awake with the first sunlight shot between low-altitude cloud in the Lake area, finally he won the tea championship of Sun Moon Lake Black Tea in 2017!

Red Rhyme is known as its inconsistent period of tea-buds throughout the year. As Mr. Hung's super energy, he spent everyday not just on pest-taking (by hands) and wild-grass managing, but also on tea-bud supervision for the best quality.

Because of the unique feature of Red Rhyme Taiwan 21, Mr. Hung's family farm has been one of the few producing this tea. Moreover, he also insisted to mature this tea for another 3~5 years after picks until the best aroma. It is recognised as  'ultimate black tea' of its scarcity.

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