Snow Mountain Range Stonehouse: Farmlady and her Baozhong Oolong

Snow Mountain Range Stonehouse: Farmlady and her Baozhong Oolong

"My mom is always laughing at me about too picky to pick only fresh 1-bud-2-leaf at my rigor standard". 

A few years ago, Ms. Wu went back home after years of office jobs in Taipei city. Her family has been living in the hundred-year-old stonehouse, located in a deep field of Snow Mountain Range. With a long hair and wearing a sport-style sunglasses, she insisted her own natural way of tea farming, leaf picking, and tea making. She goes to the tea garden every day with her two dogs, while they are always in front and in back of her steps.

Wu's family live alone in the mountain, where they almost have to sustain daily lives without depending on the township supplies. The modern time in an old way of farm tradition, however, Ms. Wu is very satisfied with her busy farm works of her free will. "My life is really like the Chinese poem 山中無甲子、寒盡不知年 (meaning there is no time and clock in the mountain). I am really busy on farm so the time flies during sunrise and sunset.“

During the harvest season, in addition to picking leaves, Ms. Wu also has to prepare lunch boxes for her family by using old-fashioned firewood cooker in the stonehouse kitchen. Fast walking back and forth between the house and the tea garden through the woods, it is an easy task compared with heavy loading of those manpower carries, such as fresh tea leaves, farming supplies, and many other working facilities built by herself. 

Her Wenshan Baozhong oolong is popular in the religious community, who believe in soul commitment embodied in the pure nature of this precious environment. "I was thinking to become a monk, but I already gave up. I just can't stop thinking how to do the tea gardening and selling the tea while chanting scriptures" she smiled.

Not only hot brewing, but also can be cold brewed of Wenshan Boazhong tea is a blessing from her hand and wish. Ms. Wu sincerely hopes Formosan Farms fans a pure and calm mind while sipping her tea during a busy day in the city. There are some very limited organic white tea from her Whitemonkey garden. "Only for those fans with a luck timing of enquiry", she smiled again.

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