2023 Natural & Organic Products Europe

2023 Natural & Organic Products Europe

Formosan Farms had the 3rd successful show in 2023 Natural & Organic Products Europe at ExCel London in April. We were delighted to see our clients from previous two in 2022 and 2019 (except two lockdown Covid years). Also, more new clients are interested in authentic teas and healthy products directly from sustainable small independent farms. 

In addition to end-consumers, we extended our product lines to serve business clients in the UK and Europe: single origin, farm tradition, and handcrafted teas & food.  We import/ export single-origin teas, herbs, farmhouse products, directly sourced from ethical independent farms in Taiwan/ Asia: whole-leaves, vintage teas, cold-brew teas, naturopathic herbs, herbal teas, aged vinegar, fruit enzymes, fermented foods, high mountain coffee, kombucha, lifestyle products/ courses for longevity, and, we provide business consultancy for biodynamic farming & social enterprises.

Formosan Teas

All speciality teas only selected their best quality according to seasonality, speciality, originity, and spirit, including wild mountain, wild white, wild Baozhong oolong, Red Jade (Taiwan No.18), Red Rhyme (Taiwan No.21), honey black, Alishan high mountain oolong, Lishan high mountian oolong, red oolong, oriental beauty, Dongding oolong, Jinxuan, Dah Yeh green tea, Pu’er, Tieguanyin, and GABA tea.

Formosan teas  

Formosan Herbs

We started to import naturopathic herbal teas to the UK during Covid-19 lockdown period, as many retreats and naturopathic practitioners were looking for good quality ethical sourced herbs. We supply directly from our supporting farms in Taiwan, including Ashitaba, Jiaogulan, Ginkgo, Mulberry leaves, Hibiscus, Houttuynia, 18 herbs, Jewel orchid, Siberian Ginseng, Taiwan white pine, motherwort, Toona sinensis, mountain bitter gourd, and Cirsium albescens.

Kombucha & Health

We've been collaborating with Pure Kombucha in English since 2019. Pure Kombucha won 2021 Food & Drink Award and 2023 UK Enterprise Award, as recognised as the best kombucha in the UK. The fermented tea with the best quality teas from our farms keep the probiotics with energy and strength. In addition, other healthy products including brown rice tea, green-bud black-bean tea, fruit-based enzyme, vintage fruit-based vinegar, rice vinegar, and fermented food, have become the spotlights of the health.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, and see you in 2024 Natural & Organic Products Europe.

Formosan Farms Products for trade

Formosan Farms health solutions

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