AliShan Tea Farm Dancing with Music

Farmer holding out his hand to grab tea leaves in a tea farm

Located over 1,500-meter altitude, Alishan high mountain oolong has been globally recognised as the most sought after tea from Taiwan.

Grown up in a hundred-year-old traditional house located in the tea farm,  our AliShan tea farmer, Mr. Chien, started his own belief in blending classic music with the natural songs in the beautiful environment in a steep tree lines of 1,500~1,600 meters above the sea level. In order to inspire the most creative natural sounds with the music, Mr. Chien has been trying to build a fully eco-friendly system around his tea trees, dancing with an 8-hour broadcast classical music in the sunlight while cool clouds swim by occasionally.

The sharply difference between day and night builds the most precious climate for a high quality oolong tea, along with the famous clouds around Mt. Ali. This eco-friendly small farm put an intensive care because of no-pesticide and no-chemical farming. Particularly, the tea trees grow with classic music expecting for a soul healing in a cup of sip, with a morning-sweet burst from the Longan-log slowly roasted aroma. Mr. Chien wishes to share his belief embedded in his tea with Formosan Farms fans around the world.

Support & Taste Mr. Chien's Alishan High Mountain Oolong in Formosan Farms Autumn CollectionHigh Mountain and Taiwan Native Teas Leaves.


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